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Hello! welcome to boxing hosting for support/business inquiries please click on the image above.

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Un Boxing Man (Owner)

Hi, I am unboxingman or boxing. I am the owner of Unboxing Hosting and YouTube channel. Thank you for using out bots!

Drogoton (Co-Owner)

Hey! I am Drogoton! I am a small developer who tends to work on a lot of unboxing hosting projects! I am also a seal in disguise...


Lincoln (Principal Developer)

Hello, I am Lincoln. I am the owner of Dark Side Development.

I work closely with Unboxingman to bring you fun and useful Discord bots!

I also run a creative Rust server called New Horizons, which is a part of our overall community Covert Gaming. We hope to see you soon!



Goku (Mod-Pack/AI Developer)

Hi, I am goku, I make AI for fun.

I develop Minecraft modpacks.